Yoga Class

Organiser / Contact person Name: Nick Gent

Contact Phone:  085 8121312

Contact email:

Which room is the class held in?  The Afterschool Room

What days / Times:

Tuesdays 10 – 11.30am €7.00

Wednesdays 7 – 8pm €7.00

Wednesdays 8.10 – 9.40pm €10.00


Classical Hatha Yoga.  Suitable for all. It is always advisable to do Yoga on an empty stomach.

In recent times we have seen a proliferation of varieties of yoga on offer.  Hatha Yoga can be interpreted two ways.  Relevant for these sessions is one denoting “HA” for “SUN” and “THA” for “MOON “.  Practically this describes two main aspects “GOING” and “LETTING GO.”  So one can expect toning as well as relaxation.  One further aspect included in the above is a concentrated focus on the everything i.e. one does a session in a very “MINDFUL” state, this encompassing a form af meditation.


Many practitioners attest to a superior sleep after a yoga session.  Posture certainly improves and a general sense of wellbeing.

Laboratory research has recently shown that an hour of this type of yoga causes the brain to produce Gamma amino Butyric Acid – GABA which has profound “De-Stressing” impact.



Nick went to India (Trivandrum).  After a few years of practice to learn with a master (Padmanabam Pillai) and has over 40 years’ experience.